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5 ways to gain weight and build muscle for skinny men

5 secret ways to gain weight and build muscle. For skinny men who want to have a firm, hardy meat. How to eat to become fatter and stronger at the same time.

Ways to gain weight

          While many people are worried about their obesity and trying to lose weight. But there are some men who are having problems with the shape that is too thin. Underweight Which the body is too thin, it has the same effect as obesity. Due to disproportionate shape and weight. May cause various problems in living. Whether it is a matter of personality To the health and strength of the body. Which is considered a matter that we should pay great attention to 

          For women, may not have to worry about being very skinny. Because statistics show that underweight does not affect health as much as skinny men . In general, skinny men tend to have a body mass index (BMI) of less than 18.5. People with a lean body may have the opportunity to encounter many health problems such as low immunity. Problems with bones Weak muscle And may also cause infertility or Alzheimer’s disease

          But before thinking about ways to gain weight . We must observe ourselves first to make sure that the body is thin. Underweight It is not caused by any diseases such as thyroid disease, diabetes, celiac disease or cancer. If it is found that weight loss quickly in a short time, then should consult a doctor immediately. But if not sick with any disease The next thing to do is to gain weight. To make our body more balanced and strong

Ways to gain weight

          First of all, we have to understand that to gain weight in order to fix a lean body. It must also be done correctly. Because if you gain weight incorrectly, such as eating a lot without exercise. Weight gain may cause other health problems as a result of weight gain methods. How to eat to become fatter And how to increase the correct muscles are as follows. 

How to gain weight and build muscle?

1. Eat more.

          The main factor that can cause weight gain is eating more calories than the body needs per day. The amount depends on each person’s body. Which will cause the body to not burn all and become weight gain. But must also choose foods that are good for health. Because if eating unhealthy food or having a large amount of harmful effects on the body, it may be harmful to long-term health, such as saturated fat that causes obesity.

2. Focus on protein

Ways to gain weight

          If we eat more food Must focus on consuming enough protein as well. Because protein helps the calories convert to build muscle. Which if we do not consume enough protein. Calories that the body does not burn all will become fat instead. Which should consume at least 1.5-2.2 grams of protein per 1 kg of body weight or may consume more in the case of eating more food than usual. For foods that are high in protein, they include meats, fish, eggs, legumes, etc. or can be substituted with whey protein as well. 

3. Eat 3 servings, supplemented with carbohydrates and fats. 

          Aside from protein Should eat foods that contain carbohydrates and fats at each meal as well. Because it will be a great help to gain weight. As opposed to those who reduce carbohydrates and fats to lose weight. In addition, should eat up to 3 meals a day as well. 

4. Choose a high energy diet. Flavored to make it easier to eat

          For those who are not good at eating. Eating large amounts of food for energy and calories for weight gain may not be an easy task. But still there is a helper to choose foods that are high in energy. This will allow the body to get more calories without having to consume as much food as low-energy foods. For foods with high energy, they include nuts, dried fruit, fresh milk, oats, meats, potatoes, etc. In addition, using flavoring or flavoring sauces will help you to eat more. 

5. Weight lifting exercises


In addition to eating more food. Must also exercise to build muscle as well. The food that is eaten is not fat until belly. Which the exercise that is effective is weight lifting. To start with a little weight first and then gain more weight. May be done at least 2-4 times per week or more. Or can do cardio too. But shouldn’t do too much until all the calories are burned Causing weight to not increase and thin as before. 

          However, weight gain may not be easy. Due to nature, our body is often used to the amount of food we eat on a daily basis. When we eat more than usual the body will make us feel less hungry, full. So we may have to force more, even after feeling full. Therefore, weight gain is something that takes time, must be gradually, should not be in a hurry.

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