Skinny jeans

Harmful effects of Skinny jeans for women.

  Skinny jeans. Fashionable and stylish jeans that many women like to wear. But our subtle hiding place may not be like this What is it? Let’s find the answer.


          Fashion jeans are items that are ever popular. Especially as a fitting style pants like ” Skinny Jeans ” as well. Many women would like each other big Because it has a beautiful shape And the tightness of it also makes us look better as a pile But did you know that the tight fit of these jeans may destroy the hidden spots that are more fragile than you think. 

          Because jeans are thick fabric, not as breathable as they should be Until many experts have come out to warn of The dangers of wearing skinny jeans, which tight pants can adversely affect women. Today, has found the answer. What is worrisome. Let’s see. 

1. The skin around the hidden spots become black.

          Wearing just normal jeans without tightening up makes our sister get enough sarcasm. If wearing this skinny jeans, the fit jeans are even more damaging to the skin in that area. Aside from stinging the skin because of friction After a long day, it may cause permanent pigmentation at all. Therefore, if wanting to keep the skin hidden and beautiful. Should switch to wear pants that are soft and not too tight, better than girls.    

2. Fungus in the vagina

          Up to 3 in 4 women are found to have vaginal fungal infections. These women will have sore or burning vagina while having sex. When urinating, it feels sore Sometimes the wound may swell and become infected with severe. As a precaution After urinating or showering, the hidden spots should be completely dry. Wearing soft-fitting underwear and having a loose fit will help a lot.


3. urinary tract infection 

          Patients with urinary tract infections Often have frequent urinary incontinence But when going to the bathroom to go to the toilet instead of sore or unable to urinate The cause is caused by a short urethra, hidden spots, with moisture. Including wearing skinny jeans, jeans, or pants that are too tight Causing the germs from the vagina and the anus to contaminate the urinary tract.

4. Vaginal

          pain Vulvodynia occurs in women of all ages. Causes pain around the vagina, burning and itching in the vagina Although the exact reason for not knowing is yet But if you find or suspect that you have vaginal pain Should avoid wearing skinny jeans Thick tights Then turned to wear light cotton pants instead


5. The menstrual flow is not easy

          during the girls being menstrual. Best to avoid wearing this skinny jeans Because their tightness will make menstrual pain worse. And the blood that flowed out was not convenient enough Until the residue or menstrual flow can be scrapped.

          For skinny jeans, even though it’s a beautiful and trendy fashion, but girls are at risk of many side effects. Also makes the dark spots hidden more Best way is to avoid wearing skinny jeans for several days in a row. Then turned to wear comfortable pants in some days instead would be better Guarantee that disease is not sought Groin and vaginal skin was too dark

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